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A&P Travel Ltd. are a are a major provider of Home to School transport in the Cambridgeshire area, providing services on behalf of schools, colleges and local authorities. We pride ourselves in supplying modern luxury coaches, cleaned and serviced, to the highest standards to ensure it exceeds all your needs and expectations.

For information on individual schools, see the separate listings below:

Soham Village College
Bottisham Village College

Since September we have made some improvements of all of our private school contracts from Ely and the surrounding villages to Soham Village College .

We were experiencing difficulty getting some payments some through on time. Although we try and keep regular drivers on particular routes, it would seem some passengers aren’t always recognised.

The annual cost is worked out from a daily price which would then be multiplied by 190 (There are 190 days in a school year).
We will forward your invoice between 14 and 28 days prior to each new term. Once the payment has been received we will issue you a Bus Pass which must be shown to the driver before entering the vehicle. We operate a strict ‘no pass no travel service.

If you have more than one child travelling we also offer a termly discount.

Please see below for the pickup points and times and on the right hand side of this page for more details on costs or to download an application form.

Pick Up Timetables

RouteAP3 Thetford/Haddenham
7.32 amHaddenham, Linden End
7.34 amHaddenham High Street
7.37 amWilburton, Haddenham Road
7.38 amWilburton, St. Peters Church
7.39 amWilburton, Post office
7.41 amWilburton, Stretham Road
7.48 amStretham, High Street
7.49 amStretham, Ely Road/School
7.52 amLittle Thetford, Bus Stop
Soham village college

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School Route

Newmarket to Bottisham Village College

Pick Up Timetables

Have special requirements and want to send us an email?

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