Major Investment expected in UK roads by 2025

Major Investment expected in UK roads by 2025

In major news last week, it was announced that the UK’s motorways and major arterial roads could be the recipient of approximately £28.8bn worth of infrastructure investment, with a further £420m to be given to local authorities to repair other road issues such as road surfaces and potholes. These funds are an addition to the existing £1bn highways maintenance budget and £300m pothole repair fund announced by Chancellor Phillip Hammond in October.

According to ITV News, the £28.8bn will be provided over a five year period running from 2020-2025 and represents a 40% increase on the previous five year period, which saw an investment of a bit less than £18bn being put in. The plan is for the £28.8bn sum of funds to be partly-generated via a variety of streams such as vehicle excise duty, along with road tax, which has been ring-fenced for use on the roads network for the first time. It has also been mentioned and is expected that local council authorities will also be receiving a further £150m is expected to help councils make changes to road junctions, with the aim of improving access to workplaces, high streets and various other community facilities.

With the upcoming Brexit and the confusion surrounding, some may have expected a totally reformed budget but it seems like the government will currently be sticking to what has been announced and seeking funds from other means if required. Labour Shadow Transport Secretary, Andy McDonald, commented: “With car dependency rising, public transport in decline and local roads in a state of disrepair, ramping up spending on major roads is the wrong decision.”

“It simply isn’t sustainable to repeatedly ramp-up major road spending, especially at a time when air pollution causes 40,000 premature deaths each year and climate change is threatening a global crisis.”

Last but not least, the Transforming Cities Fund will be extended by £680 million to support local “sustainable” including new trams, buses and cycling routes. The Chancellor is also setting aside another £90 million to trial next-generation methods of transport, with the creation of new “future mobility zones” in three city regions.

Although A&P travel welcome and of course applaud the much necessary investment, we do still believe there should be more time, money and effort invested in both public transport but also making sure to attend to road repairs that can be a cost-saver for future major repairs.

We will keep you updated with any related news or updated on the matter and do feel free to comment below, message or email us with any questions or queries you may have.

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